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Семінар відділу синергетики
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А.Г. Магнер, М.І. Горенштейн, У.В. Григорьєв

Ультразвукові хвилі в газах: Теорія та експеримент
Наукові збори
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Antonio H. Castro Neto
National University of Singapore

2D Materials: advances and perspectives
The field of two-dimensional (2D) materials is one of the fastest growing fields in science and technology. Hundreds of different materials have been either isolated or grown artificially. In parallel, there is also a huge industrial interest because of the large number of applications from smart coatings to flexible electronics. In this talk I am going to discuss some of the latest discoveries, experimentally and theoretically, in this exciting area of research.

Prof. Antonio H. Castro Neto
Director, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics
Professor, Department of Computing and Electrical Engineering
Professor, Department of Materials Science Engineering
National University of Singapore