Abstracts & Thesis

Oleksii Zdorevskyi
Competitive interaction of hydrogen peroxide and water molecules with recognition sites of DNA macromolecule
Vovchenko V. Yu.
Evolution of interacting many-particle system created in relativistic nuclear collisions
Cherniak O.M.
Magnetized particles transport in a random electric field
Kliushnichenko O. V.
Induced dissipative interaction and collective scattering in Langmuir lattice gas
Vakhnenko O. O.
Nonlinear dynamics of multi-component structured low-dimensional systems
Momot A.I.
Effective interactions and fluctuations in dusty weakly ionized plasma
Sobol O.O.
Supercritical instability in graphene with charged impurities
Isaieva K.O.
Stable coherent structures in Bose-condensates of atomic gases
Rakov M.V.
Numerical simulation of quantum many body systems using tensor networks
Poberezhnyuk R.V.
Phase transitions and critical point of strongly interacting matter in nucleus-nucleus collisions
Lashko Yu. A.
Many-cluster theory of light neutron-rich nuclei
Alkin A.O.
Phenomenology of multiple charged particle production in highenergy proton interaction
Lashkin V. М.
Stable nonlinear coherent structures in dispersive media
Naboka V. Yu.
Thermalization and evolution of strong-interacting matter in integrated hydrokinetic model of A+A collisions
Nesterov A. V.
Three-cluster microscopic model description of the properties of light atomic nuclei
Yershov K.V.
Magnetic properties of curved low-dimensional systems
Rudenok I.V.
Particles production, lepton asymmetry generation and magnetic fields evolution in the early Universe
Tymchyshyn V.B.
Statistical description of systems with coulomb-like interaction
Сухачов Павло Олександрович
Динамічна генерація щілини та поверхневі стани в діраківських та вейлівських напівметалах
Якименко Олександр Ілліч
Динаміка просторових структур в нелінійних середовищах
Пилиповський Олександр Васильович
Регулярна і хаотична динаміка топологічних збуджень у магнітних наносистемах
Starodub I.O.
Dynamics of solitons in spatially inhomogeneous Josephson junctions
Bezvershrnko Yu. V.
Intergable models of quantum systems in external fields
Сагун Віолетта Василівна
Рівняння стану сильновзаємодійної речовини для високоенергетичних ядро-ядерних зіткнень
Волков Олексій Максимович
Періодичні структури намагніченості, індуковані спін-поляризованим струмом в наномагнетиках
Kravchuk K.G.
Statistical properties of impulse neurons activity in presence of delayed feedback
Leonov V.O.
Kinetics of current formation in molecular photodiode
Chelnokov V. O.
Infinite order phase transitions in abelian lattice models
Tovkach O. M.
Interactions and structures formation in confined liquid crystal colloids
Ivanytskyi O.I.
Phenomenological equations of state of strongly interacting matter with critical endpoint
Piatnytskyi D. V.
Variational calculations of structure peculiarities of fewnucleon nuclei
Semenov I. L.
Effect of collisions on screening of macroparticles in a weakly ionized plasma
Mishchenko Yu. A.
Realization of composite quasibosons by deformedoscillators
Gamayun O. V.
Electron-electron interaction and gap generation in graphene
Slobodeniuk A. O.
Graphene and non-relativistic two-dimensional electrongas in non-homogeneous magnetic field
Shtanov Yu. V.
Braneworld model and evolution of the universe
Zadorozhna L. V.
Electrodynamical and gravitational detection of cosmic strings
Prikhodko O. O.
Two-dimensional localized structures in nonlinear media
Levkivskyi I. P.
Edge states in systems with quantum Hall effect
Karpenko Iu. A.
Development of hydrodynamic and hydrokinetic approachesto ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
Iorgov N.Z.
Quantum integrable systems with quantum algebraic symmetries
Sharapov S. G.
Electronic properties of the systems with the Dirac-like energeticspectrum: graphene and high-temperature superconductors
Iakubovskyi D. A.
Astrophysical constraints on parameters of sterile neutrinos in framesof minimal extension of the Standard Model of elementary particles
Gorbar E.V.
Dynamical symmetry breaking in external fields

Doctors Philosophiae Honoris Causa