Department for Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics

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Alexandre M. Gavrilik
Position: Head of the department
Degree: Dr. 1-41 440
Alexander V. Zolotaryuk
Position: Chief scientific researcher
Degree: Dr. 4-38 339
Andriy V. Nazarenko
Position: Senior researcher
Degree: Ph.D. 4-34 430
Yuri A. Mishchenko
Position: Researcher
Degree: Ph.D. 4-36 436
Oleg M. Moroz
Position: Leading engineer 4-68 435

Laborarory of theory of integrable systems

Nikolai Z. Iorgov
Position: Head of the laboratory
Degree: Dr. 1-66 438
Yuri I. Bespalov
Position: Researcher
Degree: Ph.D. 4-58 435
Yulia V. Bezvershenko
Position: Junior researcher
Degree: Ph.D.
4-37 444
Yuri V. Tykhyy
Position: Researcher
Degree: Ph.D. 1-66 438
* Phone: +38(044) 52-13-X-XX