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Yulia A. Lashko
Position: senior researcher
Degree: Dr.
Laborarory of structure of atomic nuclei 1-77 334
Volodymyr O. Leonov
Position: junior researcher
Degree: Ph.D.
Department for Theory of Quantum Processes in Nanosystems 426
Bohdan I. Lev
Position: head of the department
Degree: Dr.
Academic title: Prof.
corresponding member of NAS Ukraine
Department for Synergetics
1-63 403
Andrey O. Litovchenko
Position: leading engineer
Department for Computer Maintenance 4-64 311
Vadim M. Loktev
Position: chief researcher
Degree: Dr.
Academic title: Prof.
academician NAS of Ukraine
Laboratory of Strongly-correlated Low Dimensional Systems 4-39 331
* Phone: +38(044) 52-13-X-XX