The Institute was founded in 1966. It is situated in Theophania, a picturesque suburb of Kiev, in the precious forest in the neighborhood of the Saint Panteleimon cathedral.

The founder and the first Director of the Institute was an outstanding theorist Academician M. Bogolyubov

From 1973 to 1988 the Director of the Institute was Academician O. Davydov

From 1988 to 2002, the Institute has been headed by Academician O. Sytenko

M. Bogolyubov O. Davydov O. Sytenko
M. Bogolyubov O. Davydov O. Sytenko

Initially, the Institute consisted of three departments:

  • Mathematical methods in theoretical physics
    (headed by Academician O. Parasiuk)
  • Nuclear theory
    (headed by Academician O. Davydov)
  • Theory of elementary particles
    (first headed by doctor of physics and mathematics A. Tavkhelidze, later, since 1969 - by Correspondent-Member of the Academy V. Shelest)

In 1968, a department of theory of nuclear reactions was organized and headed by Doctor of physics and mathematics O. Sytenko.

I.YukhnovskyIn 1969, a department of statistical theory of condensed matter was organized in Lviv. It was headed by Doctor of physics and mathematics I. Yukhnovsky.

Later this department has been reorganized into the Lviv division of statistical physics of the Institute for Theoretical Physics (in 1980) and then into the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1990). The head of this Institute is Academician I. Yukhnovsky.


Yu. M. LomsadzeIn 1970 in Uzhgorod was established academic department of the theory of hadrons within the Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyiv), headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Yuri Melitonovych Lomsadze.

Later, in 1979, on the basis of the theory of hadrons department of BITP, photonuclear processes of the Institute for Nuclear Research and two newly opened departments were opened Uzhgorod Department of Institute of Nuclear Research.


The Institute as a modern center of theoretical physics owes much to the research work of Academicians M. Bogolyubov, O. Davydov, O. Sytenko, O. Parasiuk, O. Petrov, V. Baryakhtar, I. Yukhnovskyi, D. Loktev, D. Petryna, A. Zagorodny and Correspondent-Members V. Shelest, P .Fomin, E. Petrov.

The Institute hosts several scientific schools in topical problems of theoretical physics:

  • Bogolyubov-Parasiuk school in mathematical physics and quantum field theory
  • Davydov school in theoretical physics
  • Sytenko school in nuclear and plasma theory
  • Fomin school in relativistic astrophysics, cosmology and elementary particle