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Nodar Tsintsadze
(A Brief Biographical Sketch)

Nodar TSINTSADZE is a world-known physicist-theoretician in the fields of plasma physics and astrophysics, Georgian physics professor (1968), Corresponding Member (1988) and Full Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (2001), Member of Plasma Physics Board of the World.

Nodar Tsintsadze was born on February 22, 1930 in Tbilisi (Georgia). During 1950-1955 he was a student of Physics Faculty at Tbilisi State University (TSU), then a postgraduate of the Physics Faculty at Kharkiv State University (1955-1958). He defended his PhD thesis in Kharkiv State University (1958), and doctoral thesis in TSU (1966) in the fields “Physics and Mathematics”.

In 1958 he started his activities at the Andronikashvili Institute of Physics of Georgian Academy of Sciences where he worked his way from senior researcher (1958-1960) to the head of the Plasma Physics Department (1960-2007), which has been founded by Nodar Tsintsadze in 1960 at the Institute of Physics of Georgian Academy of Sciences. Since 1976 the specialization “Plasma Physics” was introduced in the Faculty of Physics of TSU, and the Plasma Physics Department of the Institute of Physics has become the base sub-department of the University, which was headed by Tsintsadze until 2006. In 2006-2010, in these 4 years he worked abroad as a professor. From 2012 until now is the head of the Plasma Physics Department of the Andronikashvili Institute of Physics, which is an independent scientific research institute of TSU from 2006. Simultaneously he is a professor, chair of Plasma Physics at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Department of Physics of Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

The important achievements of Prof. Tsintsadze are: discovery of relativistic parametric instabilities, discovery of conversion of waves and decay instabilities in nonequilibrium (turbulent) plasmas; discovery of supersonic solitons.

Prof. Tsintsadze combines his research activities with educational work. He was an assistant Professor (1960-1869), professor (1969-1993), and Head (1993-2006) of the Chair in TSU; Professor of Lisbon University (1996-1998); Professor of Göteborg University (1974-2002); Professor of Columbia University and other USA Universities (1975); Physics Professor (1983-1985) and co-director of Plasma Physics college (1985-1995) in Trieste International Center for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy).

Nodar Tsntsadze is thereby awarded with the Order of Honor of Georgia (2013) and Presidential Order of Excellence (2015). He is the Laureate of the 14 Khwarizmi International Award (2001); Honorary Member of the University of Hiroshima (1990).

Honorary Title of Merited Worker of Georgian Science was conferred on him in 1982 and by the Georgian Ministry of Education in 1976 for the Contribution to the Educational Field.

Professor Nodar Tsintsadze is the author of more than 300 papers. The most important of them are:

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