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Dear colleagues!

One year has turned since the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea. Bloody battles of Ukrainian army against separatists and mercenaries in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts have lasted almost a year. Among the victims of this war, there are the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and voluntary paramilitary detachments, as well as the civilians. This affects everybody, the wounded, the widows, the orphans, the migrants from the occupied territories, the whole economy and, ultimately, the entire population of Ukraine.

The war came suddenly and treacherously. In previous years, the leadership of the Ukrainian army only maintained the illusion of security of the country and its people. Since the beginning of hostilities, the Ukrainian people faced enormous challenges in providing the soldiers with clothes, food, medications, and even weapons.

Warriors are desperately defending Ukraine. It is believed that as long as the country has sons who are ready to lay down their lives for it, it is alive and will live among other nations. Our desperate defenders are just those children, with the whole nation standing to support them as a strong volunteer movement appeared.

Since July 2014, the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics has its own "Help to the Army" group. Since that time, the organization with a total staff of about 200 people has done pretty much. The graduates of the Institute’s Scientific and Educational Center who were working, mainly, outside Ukraine were the first to provide the most material financial aid. The ties between the research supervisors and their students have proved themselves to be an effective tool of consolidation of efforts. They are an intrinsic criterion that characterizes traditional schools of the Institute.

We are very proud of the fact that more than a third of employees has been engaged in multiple actions on money raising, gathering warm clothes and home cans. Money and clothes were handed to the volunteer carriers tested in common struggle for peace and dignity.

We bought medicines to the injured soldiers from the Main Military Medical Center in Kyiv, suture material kits for field hospitals, stoves for heating tents in wintertime, men's underwear, socks, shoes, hats, mittens, medications, home kit, wet wipes, nuts, dried fruits, lemons, ginger, bacon, etc. Young researchers of the Institute collected 100 useful gifts of sweets on the St. Nicholas Day, and 100 gifts on the Christmas Day. Each gift contained a unique letter to the warriors who guarded Ukraine. All this cost a little bit over UAH 100 thousand.

During the first 9 months of work, at the Institute, brand new or mint more men’s wear, including more than 250 T-shirts, 155 sweaters, about 40 jackets, 30 pairs of winter boots, over 100 books, blankets 7, 30 kilograms of bed linen and towels, were collected and delivered.

Over 400 home canning packs, 35 kg of dried apples, 20 kg of shelled walnuts, 25 kg of garlic, sweets, coffee, tea and lighters; 170 children's drawings, 210 letters, more than 150 hand-made souvenirs from children have been handed; 10 camouflage nets have been spanned.

About 30 kilograms of linen and different clothes are prepared for delivering to the settlers from the east Ukraine.
One hundred and fifty (150) Christmas gifts were delivered to the children of Novo-Aydar Orphanage in Luhansk Oblast.

All actions are highlighted at the Institute’s website and in Facebook

This job consolidates us and fills with a sense of dignity and inspiration to live and to work together at the institute for bringing peace to Ukraine.

The volunteer coordinators:

Account for transfers in UAH:
5168 7420 1406 3907 Privat Bank, Liudmila Avramenko
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5168 7420 1406 3550 Privat Bank, Liudmila Avramenko
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From Monday till Friday: ITP, office 443, tel.: +380 44 521 34 01;
Mob.: +38 096 480 15 64 Avramenko Liudmila

We persevere in our fight for freedom and peace in Ukraine!

titleThe amount, UAHbillPresents for the Independence Day in 3 wards, 9 people 200 UAH - Ogol 21800Igor Ivanov SurgeonBandages, Surgery, Central Hospital2700+Medical smocks, abdominal surgery, central hospital700+Suture material to complete a mobile hospital12400+Infection Department, Central Hospital, the patient Bogush, semaks2500+Reanimation, Ilchyshyn Alyosha, deksdor4200+S. Kovalenko, wounded200+Another wounded200+Orlenko Victor, wounded1000+Lomachinska Elena, wounded1000+Pidenko I. , migrant300The receiptStoves-buleyrany,
4 units, 24 Ombre13200The check for 8810Other made in Lugansk region
On the rangefinder, in addition to (Kuharuk) 24 OMBRE5000 For defenders of Donetsk Airport, through Anna Zelena3000 For Chernetskyy Igor,
Clothes of Fleece8920+collagen sponge2170+Medicines Cher.4768+Medicines Cher.1019+Medicines Cher.6104+Medicines644+Medicines398+Multivitamins479+sedative28+ 52+45+65+Boots, ankle boots, 10 pairs4000A bill will beBelts for weight, 5 units1500+Warm gloves, 35 couples in occasion St. Valentine1400At the market TroeschinaThe material on frame76+100 gifts to the Saint. Nicholas: dried apricots, raisins, cranberries, sweetened condensed milk, cookies, etc.4200At the market100 Gifts for Christmas: cards, envelopes, dried apricots, raisins, cranberries, nuts, condensed milk, cookies, etc.5100At the marketHats, 7 units210At the marketHeat linen, 3 couples510At the marketT-shirts, wet wipes, tea, coffee1560+bacon200At the marketGinger, lemon375+197+Buckets yemn 1 liter 5 items, 5 liter bucket 130+16At the marketZhelin 10 pieces70At the marketCards, ribbons13+200+Transport in Kyiv, petrol1200 

1800 EUR
200 USD
75 250 UAH +10840=96 090 UAH

Spent: 121 290 UAH (96 090 UAH +25 200 UAH)

Balance at 25.03.2015 :

183 EUR, account
200 USD, account
113 UAH, account

1700 - in cash

currencyexchange rate 1800 EUR exchange rate14025 200 UAH