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Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications

August 21-27, Moskow and Dubna, Russia
Bogolyubov Conference Problems of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

August 27-29, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Welcome to the Bogolyubov Kyiv Conference!


AMathematical methods in theoretical physics
BParticles and quantum field theory
CStatistical physics and kinetic theory
DNuclei theory and nuclear reactions
ESolid state theory


September 15-18 Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics


On September 16-18 the Conference will be organized as plenary sessions in the morning with review talks (30 min) and afternoon sessions with original reports (20 min). The Conference will include also poster sessions. The working language of the Conference is English.

Impotant dates

June 15, 2009 Deadline for registration
June 25, 2009 Deadline for abstracts
August 1, 2009 Second announcement
We earnestly ask participants who made a decision to come to the Conference but did not yet confirm participation do this before August 28. This information is necessary in particular to finalize the Program.
The deadline for hotel reservation via ARKTUR Tour Agency at a discount (see Accommodation) is August 28 as well.
September 15-18, 2009 Conference dates

To the jubilee of M.M. Bogolyubov

The decree of the President of Ukraine

August 20, 2009
Jubilee Coin "Mykola Bogolyubov" was issued.

September 21, 2009
Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: a celebration of M.M. Bogolyubov 100th anniversary. Unveiling of M.M. Bogolyubov memorial plaque at the Red Building of the National University of Kyiv.